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"Do You?"

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every time kmac and I walk past each other on the sidewalk she says hi to me, and I’m just like, “…hi. I - I don’t know you. we have never held a conversation with each other, ever, in my life, ever. what are you doing”

Indeed, the idea of ‘winning the girl’ – of overcoming female objections or resistance through repeated and frequently escalating efforts – is central to most of our modern romantic narratives. (Female persistence, by contrast, is viewed as pathetic.) And the more I think about instances of creepiness, harassment and stalking that culminate in either the threat or actuality of sexual assault, the more I’m convinced that a massive part of the problem is this socially sanctioned idea that men are fundamentally entitled to persist. Because if men are meant to persist, then women who say no must only be rejecting the attempt, not the man himself, so that every separate attempt becomes one of a potentially infinite number of keys which might just fit the lock of the woman’s approval. She’s not the one who’s allowed to say no, not really; she should be silent and passive as a locked door, waiting patiently while the man runs through however many keys he can be bothered trying. And if he gets sick of this lengthy process and just breaks in? Well, frustration under those circumstances is only natural. Either the door shouldn’t have been there to impede him, or it shouldn’t have been locked.
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Its an extended rape fantasy narrative, is what it is. (via bad-dominicana)



friendly reminder that the only reason fictional characters “choose” anything is because real actual people write them that way






I’m so here for this.

So ready

She’s gonna be so cute in this and i love Jamie Foxx

I like it.  This looks like it’s going to be so much fun!

wrote two shitty pages of a three-page scene. time to take a break and actually do my reading for tomorrow/tuesday





don’t go telling me steve rogers and bucky barnes don’t get stalked by random history undergrads asking for exclusive interviews

like they’re completely 100% harmless

just sleep deprived and running completely on coffee and have done nothing but read large tomes on the history of whatever

and then holy crap actual soldiers straight from the 1940s with all that knowledge fresh in their minds who got to see straight-up national secrets first-hand

let’s go get all that untapped intelligence for our honors thesis

steve tries so hard to help but there are just so many so eventually bucky takes to being the bad guy and slams doors in people’s faces

but steve sometimes sees the hurt and despairation in the kid’s eyes and bucky we have to do something and steve never did know how to give up on a lost cause

so bucky sighs and says he’ll go along with whatever steve thinks is best

next thing you know steve and bucky are teaching a seminar at the local college on world war ii (and who cares if they both barely got through high school no one’s going to turn down having actual war heroes from wwii speaking on the subject) and the history community practically vibrates with enthusiasm

and steve and bucky are kind of worried at question time that everyone is going to ask really personal questions but only people who have graduated with or are currently working on a history degree are let in and the q&a session is mostly about small details they wanted a first-hand source for like the consistency of mud and its effect on average soldiers and how different caliber rifles helped or hindered people in practice

steve and bucky decide the history community is kind of weird but they like them anyway because for the most part they are surprisingly not nosy bastards unlike everyone else that is desperate for an interview

Paging theladyscribe.



I am adopting this and posting it here even though it is not sad. Don’t worry. Tam and I can make it sad for you. We know why you’re here.


I’m doing the thing where I procrastinate on more important/urgent homework by doing homework that isn’t due till later in the week/is less important

rec me terrible singers who are incredible lyricists because apparently that’s like all I listen to